Sunday 3 November 2013

Peter Hide, 'Full House'

Artist Info: Peter Hide is an English-born artist who gained experience at Saint Martin's School of Art in London where he studied under the modernist sculptor Anthony Caro. Hide is well known for his large abstract sculptures made of welded steel. Early in his career Hide found employment teaching at the Saint Martin's from 1971-78. By 1978 he had accepted a position to teach at the University of Alberta and came to Edmonton to further his career. The budding art scene in Edmonton gave him the flexibility to experiment and really settle on his own artistic style. Hide continues to teach at the U of A and create sculpture that he says has a focus on architecture.

Unfortunately, there is minimal information about 'Full House'. The piece is made of welded steel was commissioned in '97 for the opening of the Winspear building. The title 'Full House' likely is making a reference to selling out of tickets at a concert.

My Thoughts: To be honest, since the day I began this blog I have been dying to do this piece and am upset that there is not more information on it. 'Full House' is one of the first sculptures I really noticed when I moved to Edmonton and I instantly fell in love with the whimsical shape of the doorway and the idea of what I might find inside. I can definitely see Hide's interest in architecture for this piece. The shape of the sculpture echoes the strong lines of the Winspear, making me think that this could be a miniature concert hall. The rusted colouring seems warm and inviting. Often when I pass the work I find myself hoping that I have missed a detail and can actually enter the tiny doorway and sit inside the piece. Finally, I enjoy its proximity to the L'Espresso patio, making me feel that the sculpture is not just for Winspear patrons but for anyone on the square who is taking a moment to sit down and take a break.

Let me know if you have any comments or more information about this sculpture! I'd love to learn more about this great piece.

PS: Can you tell I took this picture a few months ago? It looks so summery!

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